Maximum turning capacity: 42" DIA.
Maximum milling capacity: 18" x 30" x 12" high
Grinding capabilities: 42" DIA.
Manufacturable Tolerances: +/- .0001 Min. Tolerance
In-House design capabilities: 8 Designers and a CAD System
CAD capabilities: Unigraphics, Pro/E
Auto CAD
EDM capabilities: (2) 4 Axis Mitsubishi FA-20s
CNC machining capabilities: 5 Axis Milling capabilities



Fabrication capabilities: Yes
Welding capabilities: Yes
Manufacturing area square footage: 12,000 sq. ft.
Number of employees: 90
  Basic  Complex
Small (0"–18") (X) (X)
Medium (18" to 48") (X) (X)
Dies: Sheer, Pierce, Form, Punch, Encapsulation. We can fabricate any dies that are fully dimensioned, but we have no tryout facilities.